The ‘Unconditional Love’ Technique

In the video, you’ll watch as Nikki transforms her life… going from judging herself and sabotaging her relationship to unconditional love for everyone around her (in about 40 minutes).


Make sure you watch this video all the way to the end. You’ll see a Coaching technique we teach our Private Clients called the ‘Unconditional Love’ exercise.

If you’d like to learn this technique and become a Well Paid Coach, go HERE:

2 thoughts on “The ‘Unconditional Love’ Technique

  1. david

    o hi jeff thanks so much indeed for your kind words of wisdom and spiritual nourishment yes you sure are thee real deal .you have clear empathy and a calm emotional intelligence way way way above the normal . your in the wayne dyer deepak chopra stewart wild louise hay albert einstein stephen hawkings bruce lipton bracket you have a old head on young shoulders most rare indeed i say .most kind david persaud

  2. Khumo Sepeng

    Hi Jeffrey,

    A powerful piece of a great rendition, you could not imagine what length this piece of great material has done for my partner and I. It has taught me -personally not only to Love myself but Love her with all “her faults”…perceived or fact. I have learnt to be personally calm when dealing with domestic matters; be personally responsible and be accountable to someone else’s response towards me in a conflict situation especially. It has taught me never to judge anyone including myself. The “horse trading”idea of resolving issues; it is very common among couples and I am SURE this video will be precious to them.

    It is hardly two days when we have engaged on this video that we begin to changes, and hope and pray that this particular tool will go a long way in assisting everyone that we know and will most definitely share it with other couples.

    Thank you.

    Khumo & Polly


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