The Synergy Private Client Program


We Assess Where You ARE
Phase 1, 2, or 3?

  • In Phase ONE, you'll work on building your income and clients to a base 'survival level' so your normal expenses are consistantly covered.  This will give you the freedom to leave your current job or go full time in your coaching business.
  • In Phase TWO, you'll automate your client acquisition process so that you don't have to spend time to grow your coaching practice (or chase after clients to maintain your income).  This phase could include setting up your internet marketing systems and information products to get out of "trading time for money" and leveraging your coaching expertise over videos, audios, or home study programs.
  • In Phase THREE, you'll build your team and attain a certain 'guru' status with your clients.  Your team will be able to run the day to day operations of your coaching business so you can multiply your income, delegate anything you'd rather not do, and spend your time on what really matters to you in your coaching business and your life.
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We Clarify Where You Want to Be
Decide your goals, vision, and DESTINY.

  • We'll spend 1 on 1 time with you to cover each one of your life and coaching business goals, discuss the priorities, and discover how they integrate together into a cohesive 'life destiny'.
  • Your entire team will understand your goals and get your confirmation that their understanding of your goals are CRYSTAL CLEAR and EXACTLY what you desire.
  • Your goals will be noted in writing for future use and modification, when needed.
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We Create Your Coaching Business Strategic Plan
Connect your goals and vision with the perfect plan.

  • We plan a strategy that is the perfect personal fit for your own strengths, situation, and genius, so that you'll not only achieve your coaching business goals, but you'll get there in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of effort.  
  • We make sure that your plan answers the two most important questions that you MUST ANSWER in order to have a successful coaching business:
        1.  How do you get leads and turn them into paying coaching clients?
        2.  How do you make sure you're coaching better than anyone else around you?
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We're With You For The Entire Journey
Your implementation team won't leave you stranded.

  • This is the key to the entire Synergy Private Client process... You take every step with your coach and team holding your hand as you progress.  
  • When we work with on executing the plan, you have a 'blanket of support' to help you through the challenges that come up as you achieve each step along the road towards your destiny. 
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Apply For The Synergy Private Client Program While Slots Remain Available



We developed the Synergy Private Client Process over many years to find a unique approach to helping you build your coaching business.


Choose From Four 'Client Getting' Formulas

While everyone else focuses on one type of coaching business model as the 'end all, be all', we recognized long ago that coaching as a business is NEVER one-size-fits-all.

We’ve developed 4 unique “client getting formulas” that apply to all different types of coaches and business situations.

Some of these “strategies” are ideal for speakers, while others are more appropriate for coaches that would like to work at home (or while they engage in long term travel), But ALL FOUR of these business models are designed for starting a brand-new coaching business from scratch, and take it to the six figure level.


A Team Approach - Not Just One Coach

We make sure that you will have several coaches available to you for regularly scheduled sessions, but also an entire team and mastermind of other successful coaches to glean ideas, strategies, and inspiration from.  

Hiring a coach is great, but it's just not enough help when it comes to building a real business.


All The Training and Resources You Need

We hold NOTHING BACK with our Private Clients.

When we work with a private client, we make sure they have access to our entire knowledge-base containing thousands of pages of templates, workbooks, manuals, and examples, along with hundreds of hours of video trainings on every coaching business subject imaginable.  

Beyond the host of resources available to you, you'll also have a coach to guide you to the right resources when you need them.  

$6,400 Bonus



Apply For The Synergy Private Client Program While Slots Remain Available